Cut Cabbage Kimchi (Mat Kimchi) 2.2lb(1kg)Zoom

Cut Cabbage Kimchi (Mat Kimchi) 2.2lb(1kg)

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Item Details

Product Name Cut Cabbage Kimchi (Mat Kimchi) 2.2lb(1kg)

SKU 808248144049

Country of Origin South Korea

Brand Chongga

Net Wt. 2.2lb(1kg)

Ingredients Cabbage, Radish, Starch (Rice, Guar gum), Red Pepper Powder, Garlic, Kelp base sauce (Sorbitol, Kelp extract, Fructose), Salt, Leek, Korean Leek, Fermented anchovy sauce(Anchovy, Salt), Fermented shrimp sauce(Shrimp, Salt), Lacto bacillus, Ginger

Product Description

A type of Kimchi made of sliced Korean cabbage. It is convenient to carry while going on a vacation or taking a trip abroad, let alone to be enjoyed at home.
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